Gluten-Free Myths

Due to the increasing amount of spotlight placed on gluten free and organic foods, many myths have arisen, and it has become hard to tell fact from fiction. Here is some enlightening information surrounding organic and gluten free foods to help you make the best choices when it comes to your health.

Welcome to Gubersky Gluten-Free Organics

Gubersky Gluten-Free Organics brings you the best in gluten-free, minimally processed, clean label, non-GMO organic oat and quinoa products.  As North American pioneers in organic farming, our family has grown traditional, organic grain products since 1896.  We are pleased to combine this proud heritage of organic leadership in the field with a state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly, solar powered organic processing facility.  

For those cold Canadian winters, we have designed a solar-powered in-floor heating system for the entire processing facility.  A large solar bank will provide much of the energy used in our plant - from operating our equipment to providing a comfortable working environment temperature.  Our goal is to drastically minimize our energy consumption footprint when compared to most other traditional production facilities.

And our process ensures 0% chance of any contamination since we handle all growing, processing and packaging, giving us full control of the products we produce.  Our commitment to a truly gluten-free, organic output is extremely high!

Gubersky Gluten-Free Organics – combining a proud tradition of organic leadership, with ‘green’ processing leadership, delivering healthy, gluten-free, non-GMO products... from our family farm to your family table!

Why Organic?

What does Organic mean?
The term organic refers to an ecological method of agricultural production that respects the natural environment. Organics focuses on enhancing the health and vitality of the soil, preserving biodiversity, promoting animal welfare, and preserving the ecological integrity of our environment.  No synthetic fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, or genetically modified organisms (GMO's) are permitted in organics. Organic foodstuffs, along with livestock feeds, are inter-provincially regulated in Canada under the Canadian Organic Regulation and must meet all requirements as set out in the Canadian Organic Standard.  

What is Organic Certification?
Organic Certification is the consumer's guarantee that all food products that use the term organic, actually are. In order to be certified organic, all producers and processors must meet all requirements as set out in the Canadian Organic Standard, must apply to a CFIA Accredited Certification Body, and be able to show complete traceability of their products and be inspected by an independent third party.  Once a farmer or business is certified, it can use the term 'Organic' and use the Canadian Organic logo.

Our History

The Gubersky Family Farm has been a well recognized and established leader in the Alberta organic farming community for several years. Located near St. Michael, Alberta, approximately 80 kilometers northeast of Edmonton, our family currently farms 1000 acres of certified organic land, carefully built up over a period of many years.  

As well established organic growers, and as farmers committed to the value of organic products, we recognize the value of our products in a rapidly expanding market for organics.  And our commitment to development of the organic community extends well beyond just farming - we are directly entrenched in the development of the Alberta, Canada, and international organic communities.