"Caring about the food we provide our families and animals." 

About Us

We are a proud family tradition that has been farming the same land in rural Alberta, Canada for four generations, since 1896. 

Our Products

We produce a wide variety of flour products for our families, and feed products for our animals. 

Why Organic?

What does Organic mean?  What is Organic Certification?  Why choose Organic?  These and other questions are answered for you right here!

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Welcome to Gubersky Organic Millers

We are Gubersky Certified Organic Millers, based in central Alberta, Canada, and we have been a proud farming family tradition since 1896.  We produce certified organic products for both human and animal consumption, using 100% North American materials - from production equipment to packaging, for markets across North America as well as Overseas.

We pride ourselves on timely deliveries with the absolute freshest and healthiest, quality products available, in a wide variety of convenient size packaging.